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Curriculum Development and Innovation

What has changed ? what requires changes as a result of new educational policies? privatisation of universities,internationalisation? What priority areas do you envisage for the future?
Field placements and study around Internal displacements, refugees from neighbouring countries, Community development focus. Interdisciplinary focus in early child hood education, youth, ageing sector and disabilities sector. Children and their rights, the girl child, Child welfare challenges and response, Gender issues, Work Life balance (WLB), and LGBTQI issues. Renewed emphasis on conservation of nature, Hybrid field educational methodologies, Human services entrepreneurship case studies and private practice are just some of the areas that we can think of.
You might perceive something different, innovative and creative that you wish to share.

How did your discipline respond?

Each of us have a professional background behind us. As Academics from social work, psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, public health, social sciences, political science, public administration, Information technology Artificial intelligence and Futurology.
Practitioners from the Government, policymakers, allied health managers, medical administrators, hospitals; superintendents, nursing home managers, NDIS and disability work colleagues from social workers, Allied health workers, and managers of public systems and community work. Allied health practice seemed to have had distinct COVID-19 difficulties and opportunities. Telehealth, seems to be emerging as a potential solution for healthcare
systems that are already overburdened and looking for ways to increase clinical volume while lowering costs, was put to the test during the pandemic and emerged with little resistance.

Entrepreneurial Social Activism

Social entrepreneurship is a prosocial motivation leading to prosocial favourable social consequences. What have noticed around you during the pandemic brought about? new adaptations> New social arrangements? In what ways have corporations and social entrepreneurs come to embrace one another's resources in order to address societal issues? When making personal protective equipment (PPE) like plastic shields and ventilators, etc., how did private companies overcome their self-interest and come up with solutions that benefited the public good, regardless of the reasons that drove them in the beginning? Distillers of all sizes and in a number of countries came forwards and made the transition from producing whisky to producing and distributing hand sanitizer at prices that were lower than their costs. On a similar note has private practice in social work and allied health respond in this area? What experiences can we share with each other?

Climate Change

Do you see that people care more about the environment now than before? or they are more
focused on their own well-being, and rising costs of living. Can 'awe' change our perception of self and open us to new possibilities and even help save the planet?

Spiritual Focus

What seems to have changed due to the pandemic? Is there a noticeable change in spiritual outlook? What instinctive survivalist attitudes are people showing to each other?
Arts, social media and human services and Psychology. The opportunities for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary focus is tremendous. if you have a poster, a short movie, a review, a street play production, a song and a multi-media innovation, please bring it along.

Best Paper and Poster Awards

All attendees are assumed to enter the contest unless the conference is informed otherwise. The awards are offered in the categories. (1) Professionals (2) Academics (3) JRF awards (4) Student/ Undergraduate (5) Postgraduate awards. The awards are Return of Conference Registration Fees, Cash Award of Return Travel Expenses.


In addition to Abstracts Books and select papers will be commissioned with reputed publishing
houses and released. The Conference has a Guarantee for select Post Conference Publications of blind peer refereed papers/ and mentored papers in a range of pre-negotiated Journals across the world and naturally included in Scopus, UGC- India list, Scopus, Erihplus, Web of Science, Pub Med SJR, DOAJ,
proquest, Open Access, SJR, ISSN Portal, Scilit, Google Abstracts, Copernicus, ERA- Australia and
Google scholar and others

Media Note:
It is assumed that participants accept recording of the conference including digital media
for post-conference display unless the conference is informed otherwise.

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